Friday, February 26, 2016

Commute Or Live On Campus: Finding The Right Fit

In today's new world of economic challenges, students and their families need to work harder to be on the same page when choosing a college or university for the next four years.

Affordability needs to be measured in the total four year costs and its impact on the family's ability to continue to maintain long term financial goals for the family.

Students and families need to consider the value of a student's education and whether or not the additional costs of items such as room and board are a necessary part of the educational process.

At St. Thomas Aquinas College, for example, we are committed to finding the right financial aid package for a student and sometimes that means a part of the plan is for the student to commute to college from home rather than reside on a campus that is just 30 minutes from the home.

St. Thomas is "home" to 2,500 students, and over 650 live on the campus 24 hours a day. This doesn't diminish the experience for those that commute from other locations. The value in the education is in the classroom and extra and co-curricular experiences -- all of which are available to all students regardless of their on campus or off campus address.

Many students find that the transition from high school to freshmen year is a difficult one, perhaps made easier with fewer distractions while some students are ready for the transition to living in a housing complex with other students and adapting to new study and living habits -- some need to make the choice to commute to campus to earn their degree and reduce their housing costs.

The on campus experience is a fulfilling one, with an abundance of activities to choose from -- but students who live off campus are able to take full advantage of that experience as well.

Every student's goal should be to obtain a college degree and become successful in a chosen field. If affording college means commuting from home rather than taking on the expense of living on campus, then the goal can still be met while reducing our living expenses.

At STAC, as we are known, we focus on developing students and preparing them for life "after" college. Gaining valuable experience along with a college degree is a valuable combination. Field placements, internships, study beyond (from off campus to off shore and beyond) job shadowing, visiting experts, and panel discussions bring our students closer to their goals -- whether it be to a career or graduate program. Come for a visit. You just might spend the next four years with us!

To schedule a visit or speak with a counselor at St. Thomas Aquinas College, contact the Office of Admissions. Join us for Open House.

Looking forward to seeing you on campus...

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