Friday, February 26, 2016

Transferring: Smart Start, Smart Finish

College students who start at a community college have a lot to balance during their two years at a community college -- living in the present while preparing for the transfer process to a four year college.

Two year programs provide students with the ability to explore their options while fulfilling many basic core requirements of the four year college they will transfer to once they finish a the two year college.

My advice if you are not certain about a major: major in liberal arts while at the community college. This will enable you to transfer to most any college and major in a program you decide on between now and then -- don't lock into a specific major while at the community college unless you are positive about your career path.

A student who majors in business, for example, at a two year college but then decides to major in education at a four year college will find that not all courses they took will fit in to the new curriculum at the four year college.

The student who majors in liberal arts and sciences at the community college will find it much easier to choose to be a business, accounting, psychology, forensic science, criminal justice or teacher education major when they choose the four year college they are going to transfer into upon completion.

College is about career exploration. Boxing yourself in at 18 years old is not the best way to explore what you find interesting --even if you think you are sure now, use the two years to do some exploring or you may find that you made the wrong choice but don't want to admit it. That is a perfect formula for unhappiness!

Start out as a liberal arts and sciences major and take courses in areas that you think you might enjoy. As you move along toward your two year degree you will continue to explore, perhaps taking more than one elective in an area you want to major in and narrowing your choices by eliminating those majors that you thought might be for you but turned out to be ones you didn't enjoy so much.
This process can be done over the two years and help you confidently step up to the next level -- obtaining your four year degree in an area you enjoy.

You should also visit four year colleges you think you might like to transfer to and show them what you are taking at the two year college. This will enable you to put those colleges to work for you by putting together a curriculum plan for you once you decide to enroll at that college.

Use the two years wisely. If you have a very strong GPA at the community college you would qualify for a very good academic scholarship -- another good reason to focus on the present while preparing for the future.

At St. Thomas Aquinas College we offer transfer scholarships as well as Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships for community college honor society students -- all adding up to substantial savings for you.

Open Houses
Plan on visiting during Open Houses but also plan a follow up visit if you like what you see at Open House. At St. Thomas Aquinas College we plan several events to help students hone in on the reality of what we offer -- big opportunities on a suburban campus just 20 minutes from the heart of New York City.

Looking forward to seeing you on campus….

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