Friday, February 26, 2016

Growth In Teaching Careers On Horizon

Teaching Jobs Are Abundant
New Teachers Need To Be Willing To Move
parents and students may be worried about the prospect of teaching positions as they read media reports about the downsizing in many school districts. For high school seniors and college students today who want to become teachers, those concerns should not weigh heavy in the student's decision to become a teacher -- there continues to be and will continue to be jobs for good teachers!

There are a number of growth areas in the country that new teachers need to look at for prospective teaching positions. These jobs may not be within a few miles of "home" but the new generation of college graduates need to be mobile and willing to relocate to a new area of the country if that means starting your career right after college.

Here are some statistics on growth areas in the United States and with those statistics come potential jobs for new teachers.

Population Growth By Region
Areas in North Carolina have experienced a 40% population growth in a recent 10 year period (2000-09). Similar growth has occurred in Las Vegas, Nevada (36%). In Texas, Austin growth has been 35% while Houston comes in at 24% and the Dallas-Fort Worth area has grown 24%.

Phoenix, Arizona has grown 33% in the same time period while Atlanta, Georgia has grown 28% and Orlando, Florida has grown 26%. On the west coast, San Bernadino, California has grown 26%.

Not every population growth area translates into more teaching positions, but they do translate into more jobs. As the population grows in a region there is a demand for more services. The new generation of college graduates needs to think beyond their traditional borders and understand that opportunities are always available -- they just might not be available exactly where we want them to be. 

National Accreditation For Teacher Education Programs
At St. Thomas Aquinas College, The School of Education offers students an abundance of options to become a teacher in a program that is accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP).

The School of Education offers certification in Childhood Education with Middle Level Extension (grades 1-9), Childhood and Special Education with Middle Level Extension (grades 1-9), Art Education (grades K-12) and Adolescence Education with Middle Level Extension (grades 5-12), and Early Childhood Education (Birth - Grade 6) as well as an Educational Studies Program, which does not lead to certification. This program provides graduates with the skills to work in a school setting in a variety of positions that don't require certification.

These programs with their extensions make college graduates seeking teaching positions more marketable when they begin their careers. A 6th grade teacher who is not able to teach any other grades in the middle school they are seeking a job in is not as appealing to a hiring committee as a 6th grade teacher capable of teaching grades 5, 7, 8 and 9 -- depending on the schools grade levels.

Parents and students should choose a program that is nationally respected by accreditation with rigid requirements -- and the CAEP accreditation is one that is nationally respected. This will help the new graduate as they interview around the country for teaching positions.

The College also offers five year programs which enable students to earn their bachelor of science in education and their master of science in education all in five years.

Graduate Programs Online and On Campus
The School of Education offers a number of graduate programs:

Educational Leadership (online)
Literacy Education, Birth-Grade 6
Literacy Education, Grades 5-12
Special Education, Grades 1-6
Special Education, Grades 7-12
Special Education with a Specialization in Autism, Grades 1-6
Special Education with a Specialization in Autism, Grades 7-12

In addition, we offer a Master of Science in Teaching in these areas:

Art Education, Grades K-12
Childhood Education, Grades 1-6
Childhood & Special Education, Grades 1-6
Adolescence Education, Grades 7-12
Adolescence Education & Students with Disabilities, Grades 7-12

Open Houses
Plan on visiting during Open Houses but also plan a follow up visit if you like what you see at Open House. At St. Thomas Aquinas College we plan several events to help students hone in on the reality of what we offer -- big opportunities on a suburban campus just 20 minutes from the heart of New York City.

Looking forward to seeing you on campus….

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